Performance Areas

Weight Area

Our weight area is an extensive combination of free weight and machines. The free weight section is made up of dumbbells that range from 2 to 120 pounds. Also there is a combination of flat, incline, and decline benches in which the weight ranges from 2 to 45 pound plates. There are also cross-cable machines that can be used for multiple exercises these machines are a combination of cable and plates this gives the member maximum flexibility as well as improved strength. Included as well are leg and squat machines.

Cardio Deck

The cardio deck has a mixture of machines that will help in weight loss as well as stamina building. These include treadmills, elliptical, cross trainers, as well as recumbent and stationary bikes. Recently added to the area are spin-bikes which have there own video programs that will greatly enhance your exercise experience. Stair climbers round out the deck and give the member the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cardio which keeps the experience fun and rewarding. There are no time limits or sign-up sheets.

Women's Only Section

For women looking too work out in a private environment the club provides a separate area that has recently been remodeled. Nautilus equipment makes up a full body circuit that focuses on the body's major muscle groups. This area has the same quality equipment, including dumb-bells that is set-up though-out the other sections of the club.